How will AI influent our business?

Introduction -
Sandra Schwarz is the president of the CoB. This is the organization of the Green Card Bureaus, the Guarantee Funds and the information centers dealing with the protection of the cross-border traffic victims. The Green Card system ensures that for victims of accidents there is a guarantee that there is an organization that is responsible to deal with your claim, even if the liable person is from abroad. She is an expert on an international level. She studied Law and started her career at the German Guarantee Fund, where she was responsible for the Compensation Body and worked her way up through the years. Sandra: “Nothing I ever dreamt about, but it is my dream job, it’s international and I feel very responsible to do my work, because it is very necessary. You can’t just simply sit in your office and ignore the fact that you have international corporations. I feel proud when I explain people what I do.”

Can you give a preview of what you are going to say at the seminar?

“The seminar is future orientated, I want to talk about where we think we stand in 5 to 10 years in AI. The question is in the car insurance sector is already at the table. How will AI and data influent our business? We guarantee for accidents caused by other vehicles. What is also very important is: Is this vehicle insured? When it is uninsured, the guarantee fund will stand in. We have a perfect victim protection net, but still the question arises: is or isn’t the insurance company covering this vehicle in the territory where they are crossing?

When it comes to data; there is a lot of information inside a vehicle. The data is already there. It is not only a black box. The data whether or not a vehicle is insured is in de vehicle itself. Insurers started discussions to whom this data belongs to. First of all it belongs to the owner of the vehicle.

The manufacturers would like to know what the damage the car has and what is wrong with the car. And of course the insurance company want this data. If this is the case the car needs to know where to send the data to. This question is essential for us and also for authorities, because it is forbidden to drive a vehicle that is uninsured.

The conclusion is that we need this data to our benefit. We already started projects to see if when a vehicle crosses the border and the vehicle gets identified by its registration plate by a camera, how fast we can get the information whether or not a foreign vehicle is insured.


I also want to talk about how we are working internally in our offices. How we work with AI. We started to work with automated reply’s. This leads to problems, because if you automize a workflow based on structured data it is possible that the outcome is also automated. This means that you don’t have a person sitting behind the computer to interpretate if the outcome is logical or not. A person can correct mistake, but a system can’t. AI would be able to. But the question is; How can we use AI without a cost explosion? Insurance company’s have the same questions, we all have a budget. Can we work together in this? Because the outcome is a faster handling for our claimants. And that is who we work for. I am convinced that in 10 years nobody will do the same job as they are used to now. It is challenging, but also very exiting when you think about all the possibilities of AI.”

Why is it important for you to speak at the seminar?

“First of all, it is important for us to let people know who we are and what we do and how we can work together. Car accidents are not an attractive subject. It is not a positive subject. But the way we are dealing with it, is.

Second thing is; It is always very benefitting when you get invited to speak for a mixed audience and get to talk about technics, developments, data, AI and so on, you always have someone that asks a question that helps you to find a better solution. That is my experience when you start a dialogue with your audience. I always invite the audience to actively participate. People have many ideas and solutions for the same topics you may have never reflected about before. For me it is a chance to develop further.”


What do you want your audience to think about after your presentation?

“I hope that afterwards people leave with the feeling they have learned something. It can be new information, different point of view or maybe even new ideas they can develop further for their own business.”